Ever since the advent of the first Blackberry phone, then later, the unveiling of the iPhone, apps have transformed the way that we live. From navigating through traffic on the least bogged down roads to documenting our social lives out and about, it feels like these devices that were introduced not so long ago are now an inextricable part of our quotidian lives.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some apps that are useful for activities that find ourselves doing on a regular basis. We have heard of some of the more popular ones (Google Maps, Skype, Google Translate, etc.) so let’s take a look at some that you might not have heard of.

  • Clockwork Tomato

If you’ve never heard of the Pomodoro technique, it’s less intimidating than it might sound at first. All it represents is a way of breaking up a task into smaller, discreet chunks of time. Specifically, research has found that working for 25 minutes at a time with a five-minute break is ideal for giving your brain a break. It might seem counterintuitive, but working for long periods without a break is actually counterproductive. Use that five minutes to peel your eyes away from your computer screen, prepare a cup of coffee, stretch, or take the antsy dog for a walk while getting a breath of fresh air. Clockwork Tomato automates this process of timing yourself in an aesthetically pleasing, simple-to-use app that tracks your Pomodoros over time.

  • Saivian

Mobile apps like this are no-brainers. Naturally, you already buy goods when you are out and about when you need something. Simply holding onto the receipts and uploading a photo of it with the app returns up to 20% cashback! It might sound like black magic, but it really is that simple. Enough said.

  • Habitbull

We all have faced that uphill battle of trying to turn some of the less desirable habits into better ones. Perhaps it’s finding a way to convert those two hours you devote to watching some of your favorites, recording TV shows into something a little more active, like working out while you watch them. With Habitbull, this process is ‘gamified:’ there are prompts to remind you of when you have or haven’t accomplished a task you’ve set out and little rewards for when you do. Track how well you do over time and relish your accomplishments!

  • Simply Yoga

No longer do you need to be in the middle of a sweaty class to get your yoga on. With Simply Yoga, all you need is your tablet or smart device. No matter how much time you have, whether it’s 10, 20, 40, or 60 minutes, plop yourself down on the mat and open your mind while you stretch your body. These custom workouts will guide your every move along each step in the asana of your choice. This kind of exercise and stretching reduces stress and can improve body image while increasing confidence and making you more productive.

Utilizing apps to meet your needs can improve productivity, health, and social life. Use these to your advantage.


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