headphones safe for toddlers

Parents are nervous and careful decisive about their kids. The most frequent question arises in parents’ minds. i.e., Are Wireless headphones safe for toddlers? To answer this question, we must go through this guide to understand both the positive and negative aspects of wireless and wired ones. In this article, You know Are Wireless Headphones Safe For Toddlers.

You will have felt the need for wireless headphones if you have seen your toddler earbud was pulled out by any of the elder siblings, which might have hurt your toddler. In fact, in some circumstances, wireless headphones could be favorable, while wired ones are preferable in others. However, wireless headphones are safe for toddlers as long as the other criteria are observed. 

Why should we prefer wireless headphones?

There are certain reasons why do we prefer wireless ones. For instance, wireless headphones are less likely to coil while being used by your toddlers, which in other cases is a frequent problem. 


The wireless headphones are more portable than wired ones as they are not limited to any specific location. The word portable means you can easily take it anywhere you go, like on a long drive or flight. 

Less likely to leak:

Wireless headphones do not leak frequently compare to others, which means it gives more protection to your toddlers hearing, and your kids will not deteriorate ear infections etc.

Less exposed to loud noises:

Wireless headphones are safer in terms of not being exposed to loud noises. As there is no cable connection, there is no electromagnetic field around, which makes the sound quality great without external noises. 

  • Although wireless headphones are safe for kids, we still have factors to observe while purchasing any.

Volume limiting feature:

The volume limiting feature is crucial regarding any headphones. The volume limiting is the feature that can have a great effect on your toddler’s hearing. The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests a volume level of 85 dB.

Any level above 85 could cause damage to the eardrums of the littles ones. So, not only the wireless headphone is enough but with the volume limiting feature. 

Comfort level:

Whether the headphone is a wireless or wired one, you must assure the comfortability of the headphone so your toddler can wear it without facing any difficulty. Like one should go for the one which has soft padded ear cups etc. 

The more comfortable the headphone is, the more your kid would use it for a lengthy period when attending online class or even watching animation movies. 

Size of the headphone:

Size of the headphone also matters a lot; with wireless headphones, we also have to keep in mind the size of the item when buying because when it does not fit toddler, then, of course, it would tease the child and, as a result, would not be usable anymore. 

Some limitations of wireless headphones

Although it seems perfect for toddlers to use wireless headphones, there are some defects with wireless ones.

Firstly, the wireless headphones are often battery charged which means they have a limited time of use after recharging. 

Secondly, as they are more portable and are lightweight, they are more likely to be lost when your child is in the crowd. Another defect with wireless headphones is that they are often costly compare to wired ones.

Buying Guide:

Purchasing a headphone may vary from person to person. What type of headphones would best suit you and your toddler is totally up to you. There are some pros and cons with any of them, but we have to choose the one that meets our requirements. 

As far as wireless headphones are concerned so of course, they are safe for your child when used properly and accordingly as recommended. So, don’t hesitate while purchasing a headphone for your little one. 

Conclusion of Are Wireless Headphones Safe For Toddlers

Some people prefer headphones with cable, while others prefer wireless ones. Which one of them is better? Well, as mentioned earlier, both of them have positivity and negativity, but we have to choose as per the circumstances. 

Wireless headphones are safe for toddlers. There is no serious issue with wireless headphones if used with the given criterion like volume limiting feature. Hope this guide would make you straight decisive while making a purchase. 


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