Diablo 2 Call to Arms
Diablo 2 Call to Arms

Diablo 2 was launched almost two decades ago, but this video game’s popularity is rising day by day. The characters in it and their magical properties make this game enjoyable. 

Besides, there are in-game objects that help these characters upgrade their abilities and stats as the levels progress. However, one of the main focuses in this computer game is to find the item Diablo 2 Call to Arms.

The reason gamers are obsessed with this item is its ability to extend the game‘s storyline and narration. But there can be challenges in the game where finding some Diablo 2 items might not be more comfortable.

Hence, you can go through this post to find Call to Arms’ specialty and how to upgrade this D2 item. 

Why Call to Arms is a Special Upgrade Feature in Diablo 2?

Across the globe, you will find players collecting all the rare D2 items to make advancements in the game. Call to Arms’ feature is one of the most desirable traits free for the gamers for a limited time. 

This specific Diablo 2 item enables you to control the characters in this game by giving access as a first and third-party along with RTS. The primary purpose of offering the first/third person holding features is to defeat the game’s enemies with accuracy. 

With Call to Arms, you will be able to play this game both as commander and individual soldiers in the battle. Besides, it enables you to control the players from the perspective of a third person as well.  

When you get this upgrade, it will give special abilities like combating tank warfare skills and taking over vehicles as per requirements. Moreover, this single upgrade is enough for controlling each unit in the game. This includes selecting the ammunition for terminating the enemy targets.

Another main extra feature Call to Arms add to your character is the hopping ability into helicopters. With this additional power, you can provide adequate support to other players in your team during online matches. 

Overall, there will be no room left for enemies to escape the battle once you have Call to Arms’ outstanding features.

Here’s How to Get “Call to Arms” Upgrade

If you find the option for Call to Arms on your Steam account, chances are still there to add the feature. However, the steps given below might not work if the game’s developer already removed the free upgrade. 

  • First, you have to access your Steam account by signing in. In case you don’t have a profile, it’s best to create and login.
  • Next, locate the page for Call to Arms Steam and navigate to the option “Play Call to Arms.”
  • Once the green tab for “Play Game” appears on the device’s screen, click on it. Make sure this button is shown beside “Free to Play.” 
  • After that, you can access this game and use this feature from your Steam account.

If you don’t find Call to Arms on Steam free or can’t collect D2 items for advancing the game, try a professional shop. I found a considerable collection of Diablo 2 runewords, crafted items, and more on Item7. Hence, it’s up to you whether to get 100% legit Diablo 2 Call to Arms at a cheaper rate. 


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