social media apps
social media apps

Social media apps are widely used, and everyone loves to install them on cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. However, the digital world has its dark side as well, and kids have to take some precautionary measures while using social media on their cellphones. Young teenagers are more likely to use without making their social media profiles custom.

Now the question arises, how social messaging apps and instant messengers are harmful to kids? The answer is simple and logical that kids are obsessed with social media networks, and they use them all day long on their phones. However, there are the following activities of teens that can harm them on social media.  

Social media harms for kids that parents need to know

Let’s discuss the harms that kids can face while using social networking apps on their mobile phones. 


Cyberbullying is one of the most dangerous aspects of the digital world that can harm your child at any time using social networks. 1 out of 3 teens become the victim of cyberbullies via text messages, chat conversations, and sexually suggestive images. Stalkers.

Stalkers can trap your teens on social media platforms and behave as potential romantic partners after having a couple of meetings with teens. Young teens are desperate to have a loving partner, and they easily become the victim of stalkers. Stalkers can ask your teens for a real–life meeting and offer for a date. Date rapes are on the rise, and parents should look after kids and teens online.

Bunny hunters

Most teens used to receive random messages, videos, photos, and links from unknown people. They try to trick the teens into interacting with them one way or the other. Their only task is to trap teens and meet them in person to abuse them known as bunny hunting sexually. They are the sexual predators who try to win teens’ hearts slow and steady. After a couple of social media apps with teens, they ask for nude photos, videos, and many more blackmail teens.

Watch adult content

Porn is everywhere on the web these days in terms of videos and photos. Young teens are more likely to get exposed to nudes’ photos and videos on viral adult links. It can make your child addicted to sexual content online.

How can parents protect kids from social media harms?

Parents can protect kids from harmful social media effects by setting parental control on kid’s cellphone devices connected to the cyber. It enables parents to keep an eye on every activity they are doing on social messaging apps using cellphone devices.  

What is parental control app?  

It is an application that parents can install on cellphone devices running with instant messaging apps and social media websites. It empowers you to track and monitor text messages, chat conversations, voice and video call logs. Further, you can record and listen to the social media voice calls secretly and save them on the dashboard.

How to use parental control apps to protect kids from social media harms? 

Subscribe to TheOneSpy parental controls

Are your worried parents? Do you want to protect kids from social media harm? You can subscribe to mobile parental monitoring software by visiting the TheOneSpy webpage. It will send you credentials via email.

Get physical access on a cellphone active with social media apps

 You need to have the target phone in your hands for a while and start the installation process. Further, activate the application on the target phone after you have completed the process of installation.

Activate the online dashboard & use parental control features

You can use the credentials and visit the secure web control panel and activate all the features that can spy on social media apps to the fullest.

Use parental control features to protect kids from social media harms 

Social media spy

Users can use social media messenger spying software to monitor and read the social network logs remotely. Users can spy on messages, chat, voice calls, and many more.

Live screen recording

Users can perform live screen recording of cellphones active with social media apps and then send the videos to the web portal. Parents can watch the videos and get to know what kids are doing on social media networks.


Users can capture screenshots of a cellphone screen remotely to know what kids are doing on social networking apps.


Undoubtedly, social media apps are dangerous and harmful for kids. Parents can protect kids from the harmful effects of social media using phone parental tracking apps.


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