A domain naming service helps you access websites. You can get denied service depending on the location that you are accessing the sites from. However, the smart DNS service from unblock US helps you enjoy all your favorite channels without geographical limitations.

Typically, the function of Domain Naming Service (DNS) allows your domain name to be converted into an internet protocol address that can be understood by the computer. When you change your geographical location, it becomes hard for you to access the domain naming servers. This is why you will be denied the opportunity to watch channels like Hulu, Netflix, or even access YouTube among others.

How to Unblock US Smart DNS Service works

When using an unblock-us DNS service, you will be in a position to enjoy a wide variety of channels. What the service simply does is redirect all your queries to their DNS servers where the servers, in turn, encrypt your geographical location all the time when you try to visit any site which requests your location.

This, in turn, helps you access all these sites without limitation and stream all your channels live. This DNS service has promising results compared to VPN. Sometimes people do confuse the DNS with VPN. However, these services though they help you achieve your mission, they are far much different from each other.

The new unblock US DNS service is very fast compared to VPN. Another advantage that users of unblock-us get from the service is a free monthly trial. Regarding security, this service ensures that you are not exposed to any internet threat. However, when encapsulating your geographical information, the Unblock-US servers do not tamper with your IP address. 

Apart from giving you access to geographically restricted sites, the unblock-us DNS service also gives you the chance to watch football games and videos live. The fact that you are restricted from accessing certain sites can restrict you from carrying out important tasks like accessing your bank details among others.

You can also download movies and your favorite videos without restriction. On the other hand, music lovers are not left out; they can listen to your favorite music through Pandora or Spotify. Due to its faster connectivity, unblock-us DNS service gives you all the power to enjoy the art of technology anytime anywhere.

The fact that the service is compatible with any device allows you to enjoy limitless internet services. This is one of the key advantages unblock US reviews from the user’s experience. To enjoy the service, all you need to do is the source for a service provider and pay for the package and start enjoying this service.


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