How to boost brand loyalty through customer interaction


Customers are the lifeblood of your business, through which every system and process derive the financial source needed to sustain the daily operation.  In our digitally-driven world where rapid interaction is a must, customer service is a businesses’ most critical competitive edge.

Effective customer service will empower and engage both a company’s employees and customers, bringing even more positive effects, such as customer retention, repeat purchases, purchased volume, social and web mentions, referrals, and ultimately brand loyalty.

Most companies just assume that their support team is meeting customer expectations without asking for feedback from their customers. Don’t assume that your customer service strategy and execution are doing their intended job. Here’s how you can boost brand loyalty through customer interaction:

Embrace Customer Feedback. For every customer who bothers to complain, there are at least dozens who are silent but have the same concern. While it’s normal that companies don’t enjoy hearing complaints, they fail to understand that those customers are likely to disappear, sharing their dissatisfaction with others, and you’ll be left not knowing what went wrong.

What’s necessary to drive greater customer interaction are technologically advanced systems and business tools, such as Avaya business phones from Arrow Voice whose package comes with unlimited local/national calls, 1300-line rental, and headset. Brands need to create a good process to track customer feedback – regardless of client sentiment – and respond to all of them appropriately and in a timely manner.

Utilize Quality Interactions. Clients are starting to look for answers to their questions online similar to using their phones and home telephones. It’s normal for people to be willing to pay more for a superior customer service experience. Because of this, brands need to consider how they can create a community to provide quicker and more precise solutions.

To add to the usual phone interaction, your customers can access an engaged online community of people, just like them, talking about the brand, asking questions, providing answers, and sharing knowledge about your businesses’ product or service.

Build meaningful relationships. Stellar service is always possible and merchants shouldn’t withhold any necessary service and tools when it comes to providing service to their clients. When companies only rely on automated forms of customer interaction or self-service portals, they’re robbing themselves the opportunity to create lasting emotional connections with prospective and current customers.

A strong customer relationship and service are closely intertwined. Moreover, happy employees result in happy customers – achieving brand loyalty isn’t possible without having both.

Excellent customer support through active business phone lines like Avaya business phones will ensure excellent customer support experiences to strengthen the relationships you have with your clients, which leads to customer retention, revenue, and of course, brand loyalty.


A loyal customer will come back time and again. Acquired fans will recommend your product or service, giving you more leverage as you market your business locally or worldwide. With an effective business phone line combined with an active online community of users, you’ll successfully transform every customer and prospect into brand advocates.

How do you manage your customer interaction? Share it with us in the comments below!


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