Nowadays, Mobile is an essential electric device in human life for communication to another. And as the days go by, we are getting newer mobile and newer update software. These mobiles are the most popular iPhone in terms of popularity inside. While using this mobile, we need to know how to flash the iPhone. So that if there is any software problem with this mobile we don’t have to go to the mobile technician and solve the problem at home. In this article, you will know how to flash your iPhone mobile at home.

Why you should always update and flash your iPhone .

  • Updating your device confirms that you have received the latest operating software version of your device.
  • The first purpose of updating the iPhone is to change its software version as soon as you update your device. You will get some new features for your iPhone. Because every time the mobile is updated, some new features attached to the updates file, such as new themes, .new font, new application, etc.
  • Also, having new software on your device will increase the battery performance many times because the newer version of the software runs faster and saves charge on the mobile.
  • You must know that you have to paid to update your mobile. Now you may think that you bought the mobile to use but never paid for the update. But you must know that when you bought the mobile, you paid for lifetime system updates for the brand. So why would you give up your right or opportunity?
  • The fifth reason to keep your mobile always updates is to overcome the weakness problems of the mobile. Also, mobile always updates. Hackers cannot hack your mobile and steal your data.

How to flash an iPhone.

Apple releases new firmware for its devices to keep up with the growth and bring new features to the iPhone. And you can install this firmware on your device in three ways. I discuss with you step by step about each method.

How to turn on the iPhone in DFU or Recovery mode.

  • Turn off your iPhone first.
  • Now connect your phone to the computer via an iPhone USB cable.
  • Now hold down the power button and the home button together for 10 to 12 seconds.
  • As soon as the DFU or recovery mood is turned on. It will appear on the display of your mobile, as shown below.

How to flash your mobile with iTunes.

Itunes software is a video management and playback software from apple. You can restore your device data and updates your iphone with this softwere.

Itunes Download

  • Download iTunes and install it on your computer.
  • Now you connect the iPhone to the computer via an iPhone cable.
  • As soon as the mobile connected to the computer, you will see on the screen of your computer in the picture below.
  • Now click on the update button.
  • Please wait for a minute for updates.
  • Then your internet speed is breakneck then your phone will be updating very fast as soon as it is updated you will hear a tone.

How to flash or updates your iPhone with 3utools

  • Firstly download 3utools and install it.
  • Now click the Repair driver to install or update the driver directly from here.
  • Now connect your phone to the computer via iPhone cable. As soon as you connect to the computer, you will hear a tone, and you will see the picture below on the monitor on the computer.
  • Click the go Flash option.
  • Now click download to download the iPhone firmware. And waiting for the download.

  • Now click on the flash option at the right of the software.

  • And wait Some minutes for a flash.

How to flash or updates your iPhone with iMyPhone Fixppo.

  • Firstly Download and Install the iPhone Fixppo tool on your computer and choose the Standard mode.
  • Connect the mobile to the computer in recovery mode.
  • Now the tools will allow you to download the file, and you can select the firmware version of your choice and install it.
  • When the firmware download completes then select Start to initialize flashing.

In Conclusion

Many of us find it very difficult to get an iPhone flash or Update. But read is an article you will get to know and understand how to easily flash or update iPhone mobile.


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