How to Secure Internet Traffic with Smart VPN


There are many dangers of surfing the internet with hackers and all the spying happening on different platforms. The risk of having your identity stolen, being spammed with viruses and other malware, attacks affecting and leading to a shutdown of your devices, fraud, spying and having your privacy intruded is real. Daily there are people suffering from a range of these security risks and it is crucial to protect yourself from such security risks. One of the most effective ways you can achieve this is by using a smart VPN.

A smart VPN creates a private network over public networks like the internet. It relies on TCP/IP based protocols to make a virtual call to a virtual port on a remotely accessed VPN server. Once the call is authenticated, the data is then transferred. VPN uses four security protocols to move data across the internet infrastructure protecting it from third parties. Among the technologies used are IP Security (IP Sec), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol. These protocols complement each other’s work encrypting the data and transporting your information while keeping you private and anonymous.

With this structure, VPN allows you to protect your internet traffic while online filtering any unwanted and suspicious messages while ensuring no other person is spying on the messages and activities you are doing online. Your data while using publicly visible connections is protected through tunnelling. You are also proofed against man in the middle kind of hacks especially while using public WiFi. Other risks you are protected against include; phishing attacks with link baits and targeted advertising, incoming malicious traffic which can affect your devices. You can also undertake all shopping and banking transactions in your privacy. Even your ISP provider cannot keep track of your internet activities.

Another benefit you get from a smart VPN is the masking of your IP address. This allows freedom in the use of the internet. You are able to escape any government censorship and bans on different sites. You are also able to access geo-restricted content blocked in your location for whatever reason. You are able to remotely access even content that would have been difficult due to a change of location especially when you are travelling. The ability to offer security while also providing access to blocked content is what makes VPN so popular among many seeking to unblock the sites while having privacy.


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