how to turn off talkback

Google Talkback is an accessibility service through which blind and visually impaired people can use android Mobile. This screen reader software combines verbal and vibrating feedback to your android Mobile. It also describes your action and says what write on the part of the skin you will be working on. In this article, I also discuss with them How to turn off talkback

Download The softwere

It is also system software and installs system software on almost all android Mobile. The software needs to update if the accessibility situation.

Discuss below How to turn off It.

  • First, go to the setting.
  • Tap setting.
  • Press Accessibility.
  • Then press Ok.

This is an essential one for some special people. However, due to the practical policy of Talkback, ordinary users have some problems.

  • Its is designing specifically for certain people. It has some complex mechanisms to prevent user abuse. The software delivers information to the user via voice. For this, he has to go through all the readable widgets. The user has to give a tip to confirm the device and two more double taps to perform the task.
  • Trackback increases battery usage.
  • Ordinary users find it very difficult to adapt to the software.
  • If any normal users accidentally turn on then it becomes challenging for them how to turn off Talkback.

How to turn off talkback on your Samsung.

How to turn off Talkback your Samsung mobile there is a shortcut method is given below.

  • Hold down the volume up and volume down buttons of your Samsung mobile together. Hold for at least three seconds. Talkback/Voice Assistant has been switched off. 

If that does not work, you will need to turn it off according to the step above.


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