how to unhide a post on facebook
how to unhide a post on facebook

Don’t worry. In this article available on this topic, you guessed it right. Your hidden posts do not fall into the abyss and may return to reality. Find out how to unhide a post on Facebook. Whether you need to hide posts or comments on your desktop or mobile, the team has prepared an article that answers all your questions.

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Why unhide a post on Facebook

As a Facebook user, you can get almost complete control over the content in your timeline. That means you can make your posts public or private and hide or hide the necessary content. For example, you might want to hide a Facebook post in the following situations.

You never want to delete a post entirely or permanently.

You probably had a second idea about your Facebook post, but you don’t want your efforts to be wasted. Instead, you wanted to pause the post and make it visible again sometime in the future.

A friend or family member has posted something surprising, awkward, offensive, or controversial on your timeline.

Maybe your first instinct was to take the content out of perspective, but you later realized you acted too fast. After taking some time to reconsider, you ready to share your opinions.

You want to make specific memories less visible.

Perhaps you’d rather have a challenging date behind you, or you might not like to draw extra attention to an event. As time goes on, you may feel less inclined to move memories away and be more prepared to make your place in your timeline.

You don’t have to hide the post first.

You wanted to edit the caption, save a collection post, or turn off notifications. Either way, you can accidentally hide the post by clicking the wrong menu button.

How to unhide a Facebook post on a desktop?

Firstly Login Facebook account

Open your browser and A new tab and go to  Facebook. Enter your Facebook account and your password and Log in to your social media platform.

Secondly, Find the activity log button.

Once you get to the FB, you’ll see an inverted down triangle icon in the top right corner; Next to Messenger and notification icons.

Thirdly There are two ways to locate the activity log.


From your newsfeed

  • Click on the triangle.
  •  Press Settings and Privacy.
  • Click the Activity Log button.

From your profile page

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click that button in the upper right just below your cover photo.
  • Click the Activity Log button.

How to unhide your Facebook post using the mobile app

Firstly open the Facebook app on your mobile 

Open your Facebook mobile application on your smartphone or tablet device. Sign in to your Facebook account.

Secondly, Identify your ‘activity log.’

Activity logs show your Facebook activities, such as posts you’ve made and things you like. You can choose to manage activities to manage the posts you create, including those you want to save in your archive or the posts you want to trash. After 30 days, Facebook deleted the data.

Thirdly Here are two ways to access your activity log through the mobile app:

Access your activities Log in to your newsfeed

  • Press the three parallel horizontal lines at the bottom right of the app to open the main menu.
  • Scroll down and tap Settings and Privacy.
  • Now, press Settings.
  • Scroll down and press the Activity Log button. It is located at the bottom half of the page according to your Facebook information.

Access your activity log from your profile

  • Click your profile icon on the main page of the application or open the menu in the bottom right corner and then tap on your profile icon at the top of the page. 
  • Find and click the three dots (…) below your profile picture. You will now see the Activity Log button.

Fourthly Click ‘Hide from the timeline.’

Your activity log’s default view displays all of Facebook’s steps, starting from your post to your feedback on what you wrote in the Facebook search bar.

How to find hidden posts on Facebook

Find the hidden posts from the mobile app:

  • On the upper left side of the filter, click the Add.
  •  Click the category.
  •  Click the logged action and other activity.
  • Scroll down and click Hide from Timeline.

Search your hidden posts from the desktop:

  • On the upper left side of the filter, click the Add
  • Select a year if you know when the post was created
  • If you do not see the year, Click, see section Scroll down and you create an account, after which you can see all the posts that have hidden behind the timeline filter, click.

Display your favorite posts

Once you enter here, You will see all the hidden content at once. Find the content you don’t want to display, click on it, and select Allow Timeline to print the post. Your post will then show up back in your timeline with all the feedback and comments. Depending on your posts’ privacy settings, your Facebook friends, friends, or The public may now post and engage in the position you have shown.

Hiding and hiding a Facebook Page post

You can delete shared. Posts from your Facebook page or hide them from your page’s timeline. The same argument applies here; When you hide a post, it will be removed from your page But not from your page activity log. The activity logs of your pages are only.

However; Keep in mind that if one of your hidden posts is shared by someone. Else, it may be visible to viewers as it was shared in other places on Facebook, such as news feeds and searches. Plus; Any photos you hide from your page’s timeline will still be visible when people visit your page’s photo Section, only to disappear from the timeline. If you get rid of the image, you. Need to delete it.

Steps to hide a post:

  • Go to the post in your page’s timeline
  • Click in the upper-right corner …
  •  Select Hide from the timeline.

How to see hidden posts on Facebook

  •  Click Settings at the top of your page.
  • Click the activity log in the left column.
  • Do you want to appear next to that post-click,
  •  And the page also approved the ad.

Hidden and hidden comments on a Facebook page

Negative comments can Be expected even on the Facebook pages of the most beloved brands. They can Hurt your business and your reputation. The other followers may give inaccurate. Your comments with racist, sexist remarks with broken links or inappropriate content such as sites With viruses and malware should be considered concealed. Hiding the comment Will keep it secret from everyone except the author of the comment. They will not know that their comments are hidden so that you can avoid potential Consequences.

How do you unhide a comment on facebook

Steps to hide a comment

  • Just look for the comment at the bottom of your  post
  • Click Next … Comments
  • Hide word, click the Add

The step of not showing any comments

  • All hidden comments will be visible to you.
  •  Under the post.
  • Find comments.
  •  Press Unhide.

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Facebook allows you to delete or hide inappropriate content with a few clicks, but we still need to Pay attention to what we write on the Internet. We should also pay attention to what others write about us. Remember that social media management tools make it very easy to find comments that need our attention. These tools help you to Hear concerns from your followers and potential customers. The ‘Hide’ feature Gives us the option to remove the content temporarily. Who knows, the post you. Once hid may be necessary the next day. It’s good to know how to unhide.


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