Nowadays, every business out there needs a website supporting it. Without a website, you’re neglecting a huge swathe of customers and potential brand awareness, but you can’t just hop on the net with any old website.

No, you need a properly designed site, which appeals to customers, and represents your business as you want it to. Here’s why web design can make or break a business.

  • First Impressions

            Like many different things in life, first impressions are absolutely everything. When you go to a job interview, do you show up grubby, in your weekend clothes? No, you dress smart, you do your hair and you put the effort in because when people look at you, you want them to see a good-looking, well-put-together person, and not a minimal effort scruff.

It’s the same when it comes to businesses. On the high street, you see it in shops. Everyone tries to make everything as neat, clean, appealing, and stylish as possible. The online equivalent is web design. Making sure that your website looks as good as possible is key when it comes to appealing to your visitors and customers.

When visitors don’t like the look of a site, they won’t stay on it for long. Worse, if the site is poorly optimized for mobile use, they might bounce straight back off and on to your next competitor on Google. First impressions are everything, make sure your website makes the right one.

  • During Purchases

            One of the biggest problems in the e-commerce industry is abandoned shopping carts. People picking out products they want, the quantities they want them in, and then just abandoning the cart. Quality web design can fix these kinds of problems by providing a purchasing experience that’s streamlined and easy.

Making use of decent web design is useful during purchases, but really, it’s helpful when it comes to doing anything on a site. You always want your customers and visitors to have a smooth, straightforward experience.

  • To the Competition

            As a business, let’s consider the alternative to proper web design. I’m talking amateur-hour website building, replete with nineties style UX, and other features that belong in a different decade. That’s the façade that your competition looks at when they think of your business. That’s the face your customers are seeing.

You need a website that’s up-to-date, stylish, and modern, not to mention utterly functional and welcoming. It needs to be built to work fantastically well on mobile, as well as desktop, and it needs to reflect your company to the nth degree. There’s no getting around this. When your business needs the right website, the best and only way forward is quality web design.


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