Important Elements to Consider In Your Digital Marketing Plan


The present business world has become so competitive, especially with the interconnected marketplace all over the world. This means that an entrepreneur based in the northern hemisphere can sell their products or services to a market in the southern hemisphere as if the business was founded there. Therefore, for a business to be successful in the current business environment, they have to cut through the competition and come up with innovative and forward-thinking marketing strategies.

This is where companies such as Link Builders Team come in handy. When it comes to marketing, you cannot afford to miss out on the digital platform. Almost everything today can be accessed through the internet of things. With such high business prospects to work with, leaving a strong digital footprint is more than what is required today. If you are in the process of developing your marketing plan, below are some of the most critical elements of a digital strategy you may want to factor in.

  • Mobile friendly services
  • Local search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile-Friendly Services

According to Neil Mohan of Google, about 90% of customer transactions often start on one device and are complete on another. As if that is not enough, another study conducted in 2015 revealed that tablet and smartphone sales in 2014 outnumbered those of PCs. This is probably one of the reasons why the most competent digital marketing firms like Link Builders Team offer responsive web design services. With responsive websites, businesses can capture all customers and prospects, whether they are using a desktop, smartphone or tablet.

  • Local Search Engine Optimization

Today’s consumers look to the internet of things for the information they need regarding products and services. This is why it is critical for you to optimize your website correctly. This is the first stage in your new client acquisition plan. A properly optimized website should help search engines to identify what you are offering and whether it is what the clients are looking for.

  • Social Media Marketing

This is one of the greatest avenues that businesses can use to build and escalate their brand presence throughout the digital platform. Besides, social media can serve as a potent tool for information sharing and content distribution regarding products and services. Using multifaceted social media platforms for your marketing campaign can offer new opportunities for the business to interact and connect with current customers and prospects too.

  • Content Marketing

Content remains one of the biggest driving factors in any digital marketing plan. Running a blog on your site is one of the best ways to offer your visitors relevant and fresh content. This will go a long way towards engaging your site users as well as increasing traffic to your site. The two are critical in driving conversions.

  • Lead Nurturing

A comprehensive marketing strategy should be able to nurture the visitors to your website and e-mail. According to statistics, approximately 1-3% of visitors on a website will make a buying decision upon their first visit. If you are receiving qualified traffic on your website, thanks to your digital marketing campaign, you have to capture the remaining 97% of visitors that did convert during their first visit. A competent marketing agency should be able to intervene with a strategic email marketing strategy that will provide you with an ROI.

Implementing a solid digital strategy in place can have a host of benefits, ranging from acquiring new clients, brand visibility to significant income generation opportunities.


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