LG is now one of the best-known companies globally, and you can buy any of its products from anywhere in the world. LG g6 wireless charging is a mobile charging device. The device is the most widely used in the USA and is gaining popularity in every part of the world.

 This article will learn about the features of the LG g6 wireless charger and details about it. Those who want to buy an LG G6 mobile can easily purchase and use these chargers and enjoy their features very quickly. With this device, it is possible to charge the mobile without any wire. This is a convenient and hassle-free charger, which is why many people love this charger. And it would help if you took some precautions when using it.

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Wireless charger nothing new but there are some considerations to use it. There are separate ways to use the LG g6 wireless charging Samsung device. Which is very important for every Samsung user to know or remember?

How to Turn on Wireless Charging.

If you are using LG G6 Smartphone from Canada or the USA, then you don’t need to set up to use this charger because you can use it on this mobile without any setup. Mobile made the USA and Canada have version built-in wireless charging, and you can use it by default. All you have to do is install a high-quality wireless charger for the LG G6 that will start charging instantly.

If you are using another version of the LG g6 series, you will need to add a separate wireless charger receiver to use wireless charging in this series.

Does LG G6 Support Fast Wireless Charging

The LG G6 Wireless Charging does not support fast charging. Like as the 15W, 10W, or 7.5W wireless fast charging. If you use a wireless charger, then you can use only 5W standard wireless charging. It is best to check if your phone supports fast charging as some results support fast wireless charging.

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How to use LG G6 Wireless Charging

Now I discuss with you the very important part of this article. The three best ways to use a wireless charger are discussed in detail. If your LG G6 is in the USA or Canadian version, can you use a QI wireless charge or battery case to charge the LG G6 smart phone? And another can use a wireless charger receiver or battery case.

Use a Qi Wireless Charging

Firstly collect a Qi-standard wireless charger, connect the charger to the power, and put your LG G6 Smartphone charger in the center charger. You must use a high-quality key wireless charger to reduce the wireless charging failure of the LG G6 mobile and not to run out of battery.

 Best wireless charger for LG g6

Yootech wireless charger, Anker wireless charging pad, Samsung wireless charging pad, CHOETECH wireless charging pad, and Anker wireless charging stand, etc.

Use a Wireless Charging Receiver to Enable LG G6 Wireless Charging

This method only applies to the LG G6 version that does not have a built-in wireless charging system. If your LG G6 device in the USA or Canadian version. Then you have to use a Qi Wireless Charger and Get a Battery Case system.

If your mobile does not support wireless charging, add a wireless charging receiver for your mobile and charge the mobile. Then you can put the mobile in the Qi wireless charger to recharge the phone. Just like another wireless-charging capable phone.

The key to Qi wireless charging is the receiver coil. All devices that Qi wireless charging have a built-in receiver coil that power the mobile battery and help electricity to flow. And the wireless charger receiver is the sum of a receiver coil. Lg g6 mobile has a USB-C port, so you need a USB port wireless charger receiver.

Here are some wireless charger receivers you can use to charge your device very well, like Nillkin Type C wireless charging receiver, yking Type C wireless charging receiver and Y Tech Type C Qi receiver, etc.

All of the above charging receivers you can use or work with any Qi wireless charger

Use a Battery Case.

In this method, you will use a wireless charger without any wire. For this, you need an LG g6 battery case. LG G6, when you charge, slips the battery case and turns it on by tapping the power button on the case. Honestly, this method does not require any charger adapter or outlet to charge you’re mobile. This is the real wireless way.

LG G6, when you charge, slips the battery case and turns it on by tapping the power button on the case.

You can charge your LG G6 Smartphone with a wireless charger anywhere you live, such as a trip, camping, or in a place where you’re mobile cannot be a charge.

This way, you can charge any version of LG G6 on your mobile, so you don’t have to worry about any Qi wireless charging. The most important thing is that you must use a good battery case of LG G6.

Here are some excellent battery case names for LG G6 if you want to buy and use them from the market like ZeroLemon 8000mAh rechargeable charging case, ANSEN 5000mAh battery case, Newbery 5000mAh extended charger case, Iconic 5000mAh charging case, etc., you can buy and use any one of these insides and charge your mobile completely without wire.

How to charge your LG G6 mobile wirelessly charging they will charge quickly

Wireless charging is not the fastest way to charge an LG G6 device, but your device may or may not charge faster if you use a few tricks.

Turn on Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is a system that disconnects all types of connections to your phone such as Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, cellular data, etc. and all kind of disconnected wireless charging process helps your mobile to be high-speed. You can turn on airplane mode by going to your mobile setting to turn on airplane mode.

Put the mobile in the right place.

If you are using a wireless charger, you must make sure that your device locates in the center of the charger’s pad/mat/stand.

Turn off vibration mode.

If you receive a call or notification while charging, your mobile location edited due to the vibration mode being on, which may slow or even charge your device.

LG G6 wireless charging not working problem

Suppose your LG G6 wireless charging does not work. Then you can follow or apply the tips given below to solve all these problems.

  • Make sure your QI wireless charger is connected correctly as soon as you get it.
  • Whether you have the device in the center of the wireless charger.
  • LG G6 and the wireless charger is too hot, be sure to cool it.
  • Turn of the vibration of your mobile.
  • You can try to restart your hard reset your device.
  • Always use the latest version of the software on your device.
  • You can unplug the charger and re-plug it.
  • Turn the NFC off the device.
  • Keep application update. Clear the cache partition and reboot the phone.
  • Turn off your device.
  • Try another wireless charger.
  • Check if the battery case is on.
  • If there is any dirt in the charging port, clean them.


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