Realme x2 pro usa
Realme x2 pro usa

Talking about Chinese smartphone maker Realm rocking the Indian market last year would be a severe undervaluation. Realme has pushed itself into fifth gear, and all guns are burning in a bid to dominate most of India’s price segments. The animosity between Realm and Xiaomi over the former’s recent entry into India is that the companies have blown each other out in proportion to each other’s outbound rival products. Ultimately, this is benefiting the most as consumers are getting particular devices at affordable prices. In this article, I discuss Realme x2 pro USA.

On the front of the phone. We see the familiar teardrop-style grooves with thin bezels on the top and sides that give Realm Touts the device a 92 percent screen-to-body ratio. The phone covered on both sides with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5. Which can provide adequate protection from at least minor scratches.

Realme X2 was tweaked earlier in October before the company announced Realme XT (review). At the time, we were told that the X2 would be called the XT730G in Realm. Which is always a misleading title.

With the Redmi K20 (review) on the crosshairs and possibly the upcoming Redmi K30. The Realm X2, which starts at 16,999, is an all-around device that may be the most potent mid-range phone on the market right now. But how long? I had the phone for a week and here’s what I’m thinking about it.

Design and display of Realme X2 Pro USA

From the outside, Realm X2 is different from its older sibling X2 Pro. This trend saw several Chinese smartphone makers releasing cheaper versions of their original phones. For example, Realm 5S (review) and Redmi Note 7S (review) launched as stripped-down versions of Realm 5 Pro (review) and Redmi Note 7 Pro (review), respectively.

However, I digress. The Realm X2 has a glossy polycarbonate unibody design that has become a staple for smartphones in this price range. The look I got has a pearl green color with a dual-tone finish. Giving it two different shades of green when viewed from different angles. I have to give it to Realm to make the drop-dead phone look gorgeous. But again it costs a fingerprint magnet for the device.

Some are so slippery as to get the phone you probably have to make a lawsuit over the phone. I like the matte finish that Google has chosen for the Pixel 4 on the back and side. Which gives the phone an attractive look while giving it a firm grip. The quad-camera setup on the end of the phone extended vertically to cover; it has climbed on several mid-range and budget smartphones in recent months. The Real has a fingerprint sensor on the rear as it has an in-display variation on the front. There is a headphone jack, a Type-C port, a speaker grille, and a mic, a volume rocker on the left, and a power button on the right in the case of ports and buttons. These are all pretty standard for Realm’s mid-range lineup.

Taking a more in-depth look inside the display. We can see that Realm uses a 6.4-inch FHD + Super AMOLED panel in the phone. As an OnePlus T user, I can say that a higher refresh rate is probably the best display feature you have on your smartphone. But my idea is to compromise when you are selling a device at an affordable price.

However, the X2 boasts a few more display features like OSIE Vision Effect. A fancy sound to pump color into the display. Low-brightness jerk-free eye care that reduces visual fatigue by shaking the low screen brightness, blue light when used at night. For filtering out and for the ability to choose from a two-color mode such as a night shield. Such as individual and polite. In my opinion, you can do better by keeping the colors of your phone close to Vivid; This is because it provides better visual relief as the color temperature and crispness than the gentler. With which it has a soft feel. The display’s brightness levels were in line with my expectations, and whether it was an indoor view or an outdoor view. I never had a problem with the Realm X2.

Cameras of Realme X2 Pro USA

I feel that the Realme X2 Pro USA camera section is a bit unreasonable for this review, and the reason is that the X2 has an identical camera setup as the Realm XT. The only difference I can probably make is that the later image processing capability should, theoretically. It better than the former due to the slightly improved chipset. As it turned out, it wasn’t.

Like the XT, the Realm X2 also comes equipped with camera lenses of different focal lengths and capabilities as a primary shooter. A macro sensor with an f / 2.4 aperture and a 4cm focus distance and finally. The 2MP portrait camera for what you guessed it, clicked portrait photos. While I welcome the inclusion of many options for clicking on images. It is also practical that the producer should not be flawed that the consumer was surprised that so many features are more similar to a fake whether I got the macro camera of the Realm 5 and 5 Pro inadequate response and the macro camera is not something that many people tend to use every day. That being said.

The 64MP camera is both good and bad. A regular phone will shoot 16MP photos that are crisp, full of detail, and usually have the right color balance. You can equip the party by plugging in “Ultra 64MP” mode if you want. Which uses pixel-binding technology to combine four detailed 16MP shots. As a result. The image is quite bright and packed in more detail, and you can see from the image below that the 644 MP shot is more saturated than the standard picture. But it comes with a tremendous dynamic range.

The Realm X2 has no zoom lens. But it does come with a super-wide-angle lens that, in my opinion, has more merits than a zoom lens. At 119-degrees, it is one of the widest lenses you’ll see on a mid-range smartphone, and it shows the ability to take photos. It gets a lot more inside the frame than a regular wide-angle lens and has a fair use of it when you’re clicking pictures of monumental landscapes. However, the super-wide sensor makes noise in the calibration of color temperature and exposure.

I expected this after seeing the image quality on the device up to the mark and rather the image quality in the Realm XT. Background splitting is better in background lenses. While macro lenses fail miserably in color reproduction while maintaining the object’s useful details. The selfie camera on the phone is also decent. Still, it seems that OPPO, Realm, Vivo, and Xiaomi are continually attacking my face with artificial beauty filters even after I have turned it off. Background isolation is suitable for front portrait modes like edge detection. Although I do see the familiar qualities of poor exposure handling.

Realm XT Night handles photography relatively well, and I expect it to deliver a similar Realm X2. Dedicated night mode on the phone illuminates a too-dark photo and tries its best to save details. It comes in the range of cost overshaping, noise, and destructive dynamics.

Performance, Software, and Battery

With the Snapdragon 730G chipset announced in early 2019, the Realm X2 will come with a Red (read as PUBG Mobile) experience. The only other 730G sports phone in India was the Renault 2, which cost almost twice as much as the X2 while providing virtually the same performance spaces. However, the problem here is that in just one month from now, we are seeing some smartphone makers come up with the recently released Snapdragon 765G.

The main one being Redmi K30 5G which expect to launch in India next month, China After unveiling. If the rumored price is anything to go by, the K30 will flirt in the 5G X2 region, which is terrible for Realm. but here and now, the Realm X2 is probably the fastest phone in the mid-range segment (Poco F1’s Snapdragon 845 is more capable but Now more than a year old). Opening multiple heavy applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and various Chrome tabs for everyday work does not hinder the phone’s performance at once.

As far as gaming is concerned, you can now guess that Realm X2 does not incline. The 730G chipset delivers more than enough no-lag gaming experience on graphics-intensive titles such as PUBG Mobile. Call of Duty Mobile, and Asphalt 9. There are extreme options. In short, gaming is not a concern and will not be hot on the phone. Additional software support with things like game space where you can free up RAM. Allocate resources for a better experience, and call an exclusive game assistant to help with the X2.

In biometric authentication, both fingerprints unlock and facial recognition on the phone work faster on the X2, although the latter struggles in low-light conditions. The primary things to expect from a phone, such as the quality of the call and the microphone and the speaker’s volume, are all up to the mark.

Software-based you surprisingly get Android 9.0-based ColorORS 6.1. though it’s quite a while since Android 10 was released. There’s nothing about ColorOS 6.1 that I can say that hasn’t already been covered in our detailed review of the Realm X2 Pro. The user interface is also quite good, while it has relatively fair skin compared to its other Chinese parts. That said, Oppo ColorOS 7.0 set to launch soon for the X2 and X2 Pro, and Realm thinks it will be very close to Android on its devices. We have to see how accurate our claim is. But if the Chinese smartphone makers aim for the stock Android experience shortly, it will win brown points.

Like the X2 Pro, the Realm X2 comes with a 4,000 mAh battery. The difference is that while the X2 Pro offers mind-boggling 50W Super VOOC charging, the X2 provides a 30W charging solution. You pack in a 5W charger. However, you will miss the lightning speed of the X2 Pro. Which can charge your device to about 80 percent in about 30-35 minutes. Our regular battery drain test. Which involved uninterrupted looped playback of a video at 50 percent volume and brightness. Shows that the phone lasted about 17 hours. In comparison, the 5000mAh battery of the Realm 5S conducted 30 hours of our testing, making it a decent device for the Realm X2 battery. In real-world use,


Pricing for Realme X2 Pro USA is critical for performance and many other vital improvements in cameras because they have many devices that are marginalized by price. The only original between the Rs 15,999 Realme XT and the Rs 16,999 Realme X2

The difference could be the Snapdragon 730G. Similarly, the Realm 5 Pro, priced at Rs 13,999, has a low-powered Snapdragon 710 SC and a 48MP camera instead of a 64MP sensor in the XT X2. For all these very compelling phones and their customer-first approach, I have to hand it over to Realm.

My only reason to buy a Realm X2 is that if you involve with gaming, this device is affordable.

The price market towards the power user. Add to this a rumor stock Android experience and capable camera around. You have a winner in your own hands. Until the Redmi K30 (probably early next year) comes rocking with the X2 phone for a budget of Rs 20,000 as the K20 is now relatively old and offers a lower internal. The battle to dominate India’s smartphone space is set to become quite interesting between the former Oppo sub-brand and currently India’s largest smartphone maker, with Realm being in the X50 pipeline next year.


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