SEO Considerations When Picking an E-Commerce Platform


Search engine optimization is often portrayed as an art; however, there are very concrete things that can be done and are necessary to lay a solid foundation for an SEO-friendly website. Here we will discuss the most important of these basics when it comes to selecting an online shopping platform. Though most such platforms claim to be search engine friendly, finding a truly search engine friendly shopping cart is not an easy task. When selecting a shopping platform, keep the following in mind.

  • Customizable of Page Titles

Anyone who has been dealing with SEO for any amount of time is aware of the fact that page titles are the most important on-page factor (aside from high-quality content) contributing to improved search engine rankings. So, make sure that the shopping platform being considered offers the capability to individually customize page titles for every possible page on the site, including home, products, and product category pages. The ability to customize page titles to this extent will make optimization less of a chore.

  • SEO Friendly URLs

Most shopping carts do not allow for customization of page URLs; however, at the minimum, they should offer URLs that are search engine friendly, which means that they are descriptive, well structured, and short enough to be usefully legible to users (which also translates into being search engine friendly). If the shopping cart you are offers URL customization, that is a big benefit that should be heavily weighed when making your final decision.

  • Mobile Friendliness

Searches are increasingly being conducted using mobile devices, especially smartphones, so the importance of mobile-friendliness increases with each passing day. The mobile-friendliness of a shopping cart is (at this point) the most important feature which should be considered when selecting a service. Ideally, a responsive option should be available instead of having a mobile website, as you will only have to worry about maintaining one website, and not dealing with two platforms, increasing the chances of content duplication and other problems which can be detrimental to SEO success.

  • Optimized for Speed

Since most web users are accessing websites through a mobile device, site speed is of utmost importance. Even though the mobile devices of today are advanced computers, they are still behind when it comes to speed when compared to desktop or notebook computers. At the same time since they often rely on cellular data connections (which are slower than traditional broadband) every bit of speed, improvement has a positive impact on the user experience of mobile users. So, it is very important to test the platform you are considering for your online eCommerce venture to ensure that it is able to deliver not only search engine-friendly architecture, tools, and structure, but also the speed necessary to provide mobile users a smooth experience without any noticeable delays.

Search engine optimization can be a tedious and slow-moving process, but it can be made less cumbersome by making smart and educated decisions every step along the way as you develop your website and online presence. The above considerations will help you along this path of SEO success.


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