Most of us are familiar with the search engine optimized world around us. Everyone wants their businesses to be a part of the top ten (if not three) results. Marketing and SEO didn’t meet by accident. They are meant to be together. Without sound marketing strategies, SEO will become impossible for any business. It is important for you to integrate the right SEO methods and marketing strategies together. In less than a few months, your marketing team will start to wonder how they can relate to search engine optimization.

               Top Tip: Smart businessmen don’t wait till confusions arise. They work ahead of time. Even before their campaigns and powerful websites, they think about marketing their SEO ranks! Now, that is how leaders play.

If you want to integrate marketing and the powers of SEO, you should be aware of four important “Ps”.

  • P for Product

The talk about SEO and marketing will be incomplete without the right product. It is important to answer the following questions:

  1. What are the primary goals of your business?
  2. Who are your target audiences?
  3. What kind of strategies should you follow to increase your chances of success and perform much better?
  4. What kind of products do customers expect from you?
  5. Will your customer be satisfied with your product?

For any product to be successful, you must understand your target audience. The product will act as the foundation for your SEO and marketing approach. Once you find your ultimate product/service, more than half the battle is won.

  • P for Price

The bond between value and price is unbreakable. For your product to carry a better price tag, it must be extremely valuable. You should always stick to well-established price points.

For instance, if your product is overpriced, it will not sell. Likewise, if your product is underpriced, customers may consider it cheap! This is why “profit margins” must be defined with care.

Search engine optimization shows how difficult product pricing can get. According to experts, the cost of SEO for every hour is around 100 USD! Now, that is expensive.

  • P for Place

Moving on, you should have customers for all your products and services. It is important to verify if target audiences would look for your brand. This is when businesses start to generate profit. Potential customers must search for your brand through other people or offline channels. According to premium brands in Atlanta SEO, you should mix offline and online marketing channels.

               Top Tip: Never stick to a single marketing channel for success. Widen your horizon and look further ahead.

  • P for Promotion

Last but certainly not least, you must get your products and services to prospective clients.

You can choose anything like online advertisements, social networks, search advertisements, and search engines to achieve this. Of course, content marketing has plenty of mediums. It is time, seasonality, and competition that controls your channels.

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