Are you one with an Android application idea and want to shape it into a reality? It is possible and easy with the help of android app developers. They know the recipe to make a perfect dish. However, it sounds easy but brings many challenges when one involves in the process. With more than 70%app market share by Android, it is unyielding to hire extraordinary talent.

The situation worsens if the budget is not flexible or requires a developer replacement to one left in the middle of the project.

What is good is that you are not alone in this battle. This article will serve as a guide, directing you to a way through which you can find developers with the right expertise and qualification. In addition, we will share some tips that will ease your developer hiring process. Even if you don’t hold a technical background, the article will help you to scratch a ground to find the best resource in your capacity.

Skills Necessary to Look Out in Best Android Developer

In mobile app developers, we have to look at specific expertise levels, skill sets, and technology awareness. Understanding a client’s requirement, business nature, and offering the best solution is the basic requirement any recruiter expects from them. In addition, developers must know what kind of application can drive business to ever-growing revenue.

Below are tips that every recruiter must consider while hiring an Android developer for their project:

Run Some Online Tests

A resume or CV is necessary to assess the developer but not the only way to rely on. Sometimes, they don’t mention real stories in resume. The candidate often exaggerates a simple role in it. So, believing everything that they write in a resume is a big mistake recruiter can make. You have to check whether a developer is fit for the role, company culture, and personality you can welcome in your organization.

That is why the addition of a coding test in an interview process makes things more apparent. Conduct them online to save candidates and your time. Integrating online quizzes on the company’s career page is also viable to not missing out on potential candidates. Proving that candidate is brainy is not a goal here. But to assess their expertise and skills.

For this purpose, ensure the tools you are using for online assessment are reliable to evaluate Android developer skills. Being fast will save significant time, costs, and effort. You can oversight the inflated resumes and those not relevant to the job position via a skill assessment test. Coding tests based on simulation allow measuring of coding skills of programmers at all levels.

Sense of Product Behavior Must be Good

You do not need any arbitrary selection; you want to hire an Android app developer with awareness about the digital product and devote effort to design it effectively and efficiently. The bet gets worse when developer shows their dependency on project manager for product designing. It is something that brings the game level down.

That does not sound like a benefit. Having a ground-level understanding of digital product designing aspects for an expert Android developer is crucial. While hiring, ask app developers about their knowledge of product behavior along with their experience.

You probably perceive a login page as simple to develop. Non-technical folks find the login page easy as it has only two fields – One for email id and the other for password. But there is a lot of work on the backend like checking credentials, validating, authentication, skipping member pages, and configuring other security aspects.

Whenever you consider hiring an Android developer, make sure he is creative in his work and suggest new ideas for more innovation, features, attractiveness, and app robustness. Such qualities are essential for any developer to grip.

In general, developer-only do as they are directed for – Not more than that and no less. Such do a directed attitude often restricts one’s full potential to grow and limits creativity.

Past Projects

App developers’ previous projects speak loudly about their future work, which they will do for you or anyone. Their past work reflects their capability and level where they stand. However, developers do not showcase their work in many cases because they are bound under NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) with the client. It also tells that they are trustworthy and do not disclose business-sensitive information in greed to gain more projects.

Besides, get in touch with the developer’s previous clients to know their working experience with them. That will bring surety that you are handing over your work in the right hands.

Recruiting Sites are Not Enough

Relying solely on recruitment sites is not ample. Thinking out-of-the-box is necessary. If typical recruiting websites are not bringing good to you, try the power of social media. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to discover the right Android app development services.

LinkedIn is more popular among recruiters as it is professional and has an inbuilt assessment tool for users to showcase their technical skills.

Moreover, millions of people use LinkedIn to look for jobs every other day, making it necessary for your company to have an official page on such a vast platform.


Many developers take inspiration from the existing app concept and develop their updated version with some minor changes. But success lies in being inventive. So the developer needs to be creative in their work and brainstorm ideas to bring some new concepts to the app market.

Hands-on with SQL

There is always a need for a database for an Android app to store the data. So, it would help if you had an integration with the database to manage it.

Thus, it becomes important to recruit a developer with hands-on experience with SQL to responsibly manage and store the data.

Share the Company’s Vision

A developer who understands the company’s primary goal and works accordingly comes good in all aspects. Apps that they modify should fulfill the client’s requirement along with maintaining the company’s pride. Therefore, apps developed by them must satisfy clients’ and company’s needs.

Good Learner

Android gets updated from time to time. Therefore, the developer you consider must possess the capability to learn new technologies to add new features to your application and make it competitive in the market. In addition, they show interest in experimenting with new things to bring innovation.

Justifying the Cost

So many developers offer app development services at very cheap rates. They give you low-grade apps at a low price or could even disappear in the middle of the project. Keep yourself away from such frauds. Create a good budget, and if the developer is way too low at a price compared to others, hiring him is not a good option. Software engineers who know what their work is worth will not tag it at a low cost, and this is something you need to give your attention to. Cheap is not always good. You may be happy initially that you will get something best on a low budget, but it will give you headaches in a journey.


After checking the developer’s technical literacy, do not forget to check whether they have worked on multiple app genres or not. Every application functions differently in different scenarios. It is not mandatory that developers with more experience have familiarity with more scenarios than new in the field or have less experience. However, if a developer has worked on functionalities more than your expectation, you will achieve your business requirement with him much faster in the future.

Developer with their App on Google Play Store

Before hiring, checking the Android app developers’ portfolio is crucial. So, when you ask them for, make sure they have at least one app on the Google Play Store. Then, install it on your phone to see how it works and where it stands in your mind before giving a final call.

Developers who own their work will show you proudly in the interview. You can ask them to present it if they don’t show it on their own.

Play Store contains the developer’s applications. It reflects that they are professional and have a passion for app development. Besides, it will also show that developers know how to deploy apps successfully on Google platforms. Therefore, do not delay hiring such resources.

Support for Post Development

In a normal scenario, the developer offers three months of support after the app delivery. It is necessary and cannot be avoided. However, it will be a good option if you pay the developer a little extra to get support for a longer period. More money can eventually convince them to offer long-term post-production support.

In addition, mention in agreement that the developer will fix the apparent bugs and errors before the final payment.

Summing Up

The need for developers is increasing with the introduction of new technologies and advancements. Therefore, you have to put significant effort into approaching the right resource for your company. Maybe it will feel tedious but will bring fruitful outcomes for all.

Above mentioned points can help you streamline the hiring process and create a path to meet the best fit.

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