Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off
Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off

When your phone arrived and no particular reason to shut it goes, it is confusing to be. Are you sure that the battery charge is said, and the other one-off does not, but it’s how close it was? However, if your phone randomly stops and keeps, this could be a hardware issue or a software issue. However, in most cases, you can easily make it right to do that. This post will show you easy ways to fix it by why does my phone keep turning off.    

Hardware issue

Generally, your Android phone turning off to the time it is a hardware problem if you give it again to turn the then do it. Let’s see how you have a hardware problem resolution to that which your phone randomly turning off and stops to force the.  

Battery properly fits in?

The phone keep turning off and stops. The most common cause is the battery properly not fit. Wear and tear to the battery size or space -time with some changes to that. Your phone, shaking or a flick of a battery, a little loose in the can and call aggregators to himself Isolated by.

The problem is sure to make your phone turn to, and it lightly shook his days. If this close is not that, then your phone in one hand, hold and pass it behind the other hand. The palm pushes the day—the battery on the pressure made to the battery of your Palmer hit that is sure to please. If the phone Closes the can, then relax the battery just for a time.

The solution is rather simple. Now take a tiny piece of paper and fold it into a square wrap to make it a little thicker—aggregators in contrast to the paper set connectors’ battery bottom edge. According to how thick the paper is made to be what you judge , the problem created is such a relaxed place. 

It is a problem to solve that the phone’s back loose rule. Ala covers the issue of the can. In this case, the battery on the back ( battery and back cover of ) the same paper, place, and then the back cover Place. You can if you place strong enough to be able to. However, this problem is to be.

Faulty battery

Such a possibility is that your battery is affected in May and inappropriate current flow, so the phone automatically turning. Fortunately, no hidden dealer code used by almost any Android phone. The battery status is very simple. 

 Your Android Call dealer application is open, and the code * # 4636 # * # * Enter either. You immediately call the details page of the will, the ” battery information ” on the tap-tap. Battery leaflets, ” battery life, “good ” are sure to please. However, your Android phone will automatically close to you if it is other than any, and battery replacement can be. If the code to do that, then your battery status, see ayaku battery Android apps use to do that. In this application.the battery status display can, and its life prolong to Support can be. Even though I have this application in the next commitment doubt that.  

Android phone heating up

Besides, if your Android phone is too hot, it will randomly stop being a reason not to. The phone points to warm up to the material loss can be. It automatically shut down will be. Even if the phone use does not do, and some of the remains, it happens.

Android heating problems many solutions there, and you have this problem-solve for a hot Android phone is the order of my general guide to follow to do that.          

Remove the phone case.

A heavy phone case or your phone’s back cover to his place, replacing the, so battery remaining loose to do that. If the national phone case uses the phone is a problem with it, its use is the use of either.  

Stuck power button

Your phone’s power button is stuck or faulty, and the phone close and giving an opportunity there. Power button more than once, press, and confirm that it effectively works are. Button pressing, running time, comfortable feel the need, and in the disclosure will then immediately go to it. If the button Inside stuck there, but you have to drag to order a tweezers or similar to some use to you.

Software issue

Hardaoyyaratite If the problem is not there, then your Android phone’s software to the can’s problem. Below is a software problem solution to some solutions: your Android randomly stops to force the.  

Safe Mode boot and disease apps Delete

The problem is the phone’s software is sure to make your phone into a Safe Mode boot. Like PCs, Android phones come with Safe Mode, which allows them to boot with at least system applications and any third-party applications. During Safe Mode, a rogue application or virus is effective, so you, the problem, should not allow it.

Safe Mode boot to the manufacturer, the manufacturer changed that. The most common way is getting the menu to bring the power button. The hold and ” safe mode boot in the ” prompt will not appear until the ” Power Off ” button, press, and hold to stay. This prompt confirms. The phone will restart in safe mode. Its begins when the volume down key holding in safe mode opens the can. The phone just started not to be the best. If it’s in your favor works and does not, then the answer to safe mode on your specific device, boot the system for the online search ad.

Safe mode inside once, the phone randomly shut down to whether the test either. If the problem still is, but it certainly is a new addition to safe mode, the state of your phone’s settings app section, go and newly added to the application uninstall either. Delete all apps To the matter confirmed the purpose of the random shutdown issue was.

Now, the normal mode to go with your Android phone and re-launched in and see the problem yet to be sure.

Remove malware and viruses.

Applications Move your case helps make it, but it’s a virus might be that your phone automatically shut down to that. Although Android for many security applications is, however, the purpose of Android for the avast Free antivirus is enough that we should. Please install the application, and it Automatically scans, and a problem make to that which is the problem because of the can delete.

Factory reset your phone.

This is a rather strict alternative, but it will solve all kinds of software-related problems in most cases. Are you sure was that it’s a hardware problem is, and applications uninstall that, and viruses to scan the support have not? However, your phone reset to The problem is just that.


A factory reset will delete all data stored in your phone’s memory, stored in phone memory, including contacts, messages, media files, and applications. Factory reset in order before you need the data to back up, that is sure to please.     

Your phone is reset to, phone settings, go, and ” backup and reset the ” option and tap Enter. The ” factory reset the phone ” at the tap, press, and reset the starting order requests to make. The phone is reset to 5-10 minutes consuming. Reset time. Make sure the Take the phone off does not become the cause of the phone brick by and useless.

Reset process, then, you and your Google account, and some other obligations prove to be. Your phone to reset the case to a software problem is, however, do not need.  

Is your phone now a good job doing?

At the top of the steps and all kinds of hardware and software-related problems to solve to have enough to be in that your Android phone is automatically turning off by the said. If the problem continues, it is, however, in case it Warranties Under If. However, you find a technician or the manufacturer to take Will. Them it is just to, or phone the new and the place of the replacement will be able to keep. 

And in which method in your favor you did? Let us know in the comments.


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