Z3x Samsung tool pro is one of the best software to flash Samsung and LG Mobile. Samsung tools also Offer many more advanced features for all users. Also, The primary purpose of these tools is to unlock the mobile Samsung tools used to unlock devices like the Samsung galaxy. Today in this post I share Z3x Samsung Tool Download and installing process step by step.

So please read the artecle carefully and slowelly.

Introduction to Samsung tools

This tool is usual software for windows. Z3x is primarily designed to flash and unlock Samsung mobiles and Samsung tab, That means you can use it 32 bit and 64bit windows operating system. So the problems of run time are non-existent.

Basically, Users can flash their Mobile through these tools, unlock sim cards, repair damaged IMEI, SN, Bluetooth tethering and WiFi tethering, etc.

With these tools, it is possible to share the device’s file system, which is divide into memory. It can change the language of the user’s choice. 

This tool has been able to gain a lot of popularity for Mobile flash. Millions of users are using this software without any problems. Also, This software has some minor issues that are not a significant obstacle to use. Below are some of the features of this software that make it very popular.

Z3x Samsung Tool Download and Features

  • There are built-in guidelines for each device.
  • There are alternative methods for picking up the telephone.
  •  When You can remove the FRP lock of your Mobile.
  • This allows you to flash your Mobile very quickly.
  • You can Bypasses MSL and MSL2 security.
  • It’s also IMEI repair.
  • You can fix the devices freeze, and full factory resets.
  • Re-partition Mobile file system.
  • Flash files attached to this software.
  • After all, you Can repair bricked devices.
  • It also Read and Write NVM.
  • The user lock can activate and de-activate.
  • Remove the country lock and Read SIM lock status.
  • Then, Read the device.
  • You can see the phone codes.
  • You will be able to search and replace features like yours.

Below are some essential features of the software to know how this software works and its ability.


The software also restored and updates this software.

 Read or Write EFS

The EFS partition is a virtual partition for Mobile. Which completely contains the information of a phone, such as a radio signal.

Read or Write QNC

This is the primary and susceptible file of the network. Also, the Mobile phone memory file system is deeply hidden in the efs folder where all types of information in IMEI and baseband can store.

 Direct Read codes

This software can read the codes stored on this device. Unlocking mobiles through code reading is known as a safe method.

FRP lock

It means Factory Reset Protection, which is the new security feature of smartphones. also, You can easily remove the FRP lock of the mobile offer through the software.

Advantages of the software

Z3x software has a variety of features. The benefits of the tool last discuss below.

Necessary things to use Samsung Tools

  • Windows is a running PC.
  • Samsung Tools Pro Box.
  • You must first install the Samsung driver on your PC.
  • Computer antivirus must need to disabled.
  • Be sure to back up your important data before flashing your device.

z3x Samsung tool download



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